The third trip to Greece : “Jazz music seminar”


At first!!!! Special thanks to this unbelivable teachers, who were very patient with us !!! 


It was a big, big pleasure to work with you and learn from you! We worked hard and got good results. Every day was a challenge. A challenge to deal with new things and for myself to become better and better. But we did it very well. I´ve learned so much important stuff  in such a really short time.


You all have done a great job!. 

Next special Thanks to the organisation and leaders of “FILOXENIA”. 

Great project, hope will continue! 

Main facts: 

Project: Key Action1, Mobility of youth workers-Seminar
Host organisation: “FILOXENIA”
Dates: beginning of JULY 2015
Place: Kryoneri Korinthias,
Participants: total 30 participants, 9 countries, 2-4 participants per country organisation (Slovakia,
Czech republic, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain+ 3 more)
Target group: experience in music, jazz music interest
Age of participants: 18+

  • Lets start to tell some storys….

Me and my friend Jane, also a singer from the band Latenite, started our trip from Düsseldorf Airport, over Belgrade with one stop finish in Athen. We arrived there at 3 am in the night and slept on the floor of the airport until we took the first train to a meeting point outside from Athen. Panos and Hana (our host father and the leaders of the project) picked us up. We had a longride of15 hours and more, to come to Greece, but it was well worth the effort.
After a short shower we started our first exercises at 10 in the morning. You can see a “Day-Plan” on the Picture. It was much hard work every day, challenging.


At one week we´ve visit a museum with inspiring historystories about Hercules, we had the great concert from our nice teachers, one night we had agig in a really nice jazz barto show what we have learned. Another day we visitedthebeach and a city close by.


Every day by the Lunch and Dinner there was sweetgreekwine and good food like salad and specical greek things. I enjoyed interesting talks with all people and met new friends. Athena (the host mother)  made a great breakfast every morning and took care of everyone. In the master-classes the group was splitted into smaller groups. For singers, drummers, piano or sax players, to support everyone on the best way. I have learned to challenge myself to learn as much as I can about new music stuff. We have trained to improvise in Jazz singing and to work with a song to sing and play with rhythmic and lyrics. I fellt in love with Jazz. I took a look into a new world of music that has new doors to open and now I feel more free when singing and enjoy a song.
Teachers and participants dropped me into swing and I never want to stop. =)



I  dancedtwonights, with only 3 hours of sleeping, Greek classical dances with local people who  teached us how to do the „sirtaki“and other special dances. So lovely and openminded people that offered us their wine and to take part enjoying life.



All that trips gave me so much inspiration about writing new songs, and how much faces music can have. How different, interesting and beautiful people can be. It showed me, how much the bond of love and making music can bring us all together. If you feel and understand people, there is love and it does not matter from witch country you are. We  learned from each other and gave us support, Thank you all for that gift.



And  at last, I think GermanyneedsCaféfrappé. I don´t understand why this drink is not famous in Germany.


The second Trip – Eat Slow, Move Fast, Ferrara (Italy) 22-29 May 2016

First Project with Erasmus +

I had the pleasure to go with some german participants on a trip to Ferrara – Italy.20160523_143328

The focus by the project that we all enjoyed was on healthy food.
Participants from Estonia, Croatia, Germany, Italy.
We shared our culture food that every culture was bringing, have learned some words and culture songs and dances from the other countries.
We have learned to make pasta and chock together.

really an adventure with so many people in one kitchen , as you see in the video)


But in real, I never had such a great week of so much less sleep and much alcohol =D. The nights were full of deep conversations about love, life and music!.
The weather was good (34 degrees) and I have make a lot of new friends.
We also have done a flaschmop on the street with the Makarenasong and Dance what was quite funny.
One day I have meet a great street musician – Paolo Casolo – , who studies music in Ferrara and I have taken his sit on his piano and play two, three songs, between he was taken a drink ;).


Another night we all was going out to the streets of Ferrara and started spontan a jammsession with some students there.