• A video of my first exam on my major subject SINGING in the Netherlands!

The assignment was to sing 3 songs with a band, that I had to put together and instruct all by myself.

Here you see the songs of the set and the involved musicians:

The songs:

Moondance – Van Morrison

Luka – Suzanne Vega

Let him go – Isabelle Wolff

The band:

Joost Scheltes – guitar

Tim van Buitenen – piano

Max Boquoi – bass

Marek Schnieders – drums

Special thanks on this point to the boys of my band, that supported me in making a really great exam.

I got the result of a “7“ which is a “well done“ in the Netherlands. You can reach 0 up to 10 points, but as good as never there is a 10 =D.

I also did the lead-sheets for all of the songs. This was the second time for me and really a challenge, because this time for this I used a special notation program called “Sibelius“.

( For all the musicians – here is a short video, to show you Sibelius )

When you understand the process (like with most of the things in life), it just works out fine.

Now I’m starting with my 2nd semester – next challenges.

You know what they say 😉 =

“ After the exam is before the exam.”