5 days Marrakesh -City of ghosts and colors


Back in the days of 2017,
I have heard, you feel a sense in life when you get in touch with all of your body senses:
– Touching
– Tasting
– Smelling
– seeing and hearing the world around of you.
Full of energy, full of light.
Marrakesh is definitely a placed where you feel alive because all of your senses are immensely in tact and touch. So many colors, weird and beautiful smell and tastes you can’t imagine after you have explored them.

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I love to be around of good food and sunny weather and I had the pleasure to be also around amazing people which became so fast close friends like we felt as a family.

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I enjoyed every moment.

I got so much inspiration to write songs, which I already did, that I can’t wait to show you the finished next song. (one is already the Song “Sicher, Ruhig und Klar”) Feeling empty, quiet and at the same time full of energy in this loud city.
I was wearing a headscarf to show my respect to a different country and culture.
One thing I noticed and have been aware of it ever since:
“ If you respect others, they respect you. “
More than this!.
They show you their gratitude for your acting and behavior.
In those times, where we live today, those things are more important than ever I think. Respect your differences!
Not only in culture things. In general. In Relationships. People are different. That’s the beauty of life. That makes life exiting.

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I realized at that moment, when 4 young women (All with headscarf’s) came to me, when I sat down on a bench, kissed me on both cheeks, hugged me and overwhelmed me with compliments about my beauty.
The whole experience was magical, spiritual. This whole trip changed my inner perspective and my inner progress.
In traveling for me I found the beauty of the knowledge and trust, that if I’m just starting and making my first brave steps to a journey and I trust to my intuition and belly feelings, everything is going to be fine and alright.
The Islam is a ancient religion and in the whole city you feel that old spirituality. Everywhere you can find links also to the catholic religion and I realized:
Every religion has the same core. Love.
I have learned another mindset –skill.

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“Everything what comes on my way, especially that where I’m skeptical if I like it at the beginning, is good, if I open myself to it and not vastly judge it.”
I have filled my eyes with great experiences for my memory but the eyes of the Moroccan people we have met were telling deeper harder life stories. In material focus those people have less that European standards but in spiritual, religion and cultural ways they have so much more that you can Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-03 um 01.15.03.pngnot by with any money.

Love is where understanding is. To understand we need to go in an open position to explore different cultures, which maybe scare us at the beginning, but just because we don’t understand them yet.

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This beautiful experience is nor nearly one and a half year ago and I’m sitting home on my laptop, drinking the last sip of Moroccan tea. Remembering.

So much happened after I returned from that travel home, that I wasn’t able to share and post something earlier. I want to reactivate this blog again and I’m glad that I’m able to share it with you know.
Better late than never.
Peace and love to everyone.